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Lypossage cleanses the body of stagnant, stalled lymphatic fluid (lymphoedema) that can create the lumps and bulges we know as figure imbalance.
18 half hour treatments done over 6-9 weeks for best results.
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Simply tell us where to focus, as 50 minutes is just enough, but no more!
You can make it even better with hot stones, reflexology, cupping or frankincense oil.

An Hour, not fifty minutes, was what you said, so we listened!
Make it better with hot stones, reflexology, cupping or frankincense oil.

This massage is for sore calf and foot tendons and muscles to relieve painful contractions. At home exercises are given to help give you Happy Feet!

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Reflexology uses pressure on specific points, which relate to various zones and organs in your body. Focus on painful areas if you have issues, for best results.
A soothing 5 min. foot massage with organic oil then follows, leaving you with Happy Feet!
Enjoy more with hot stones, Egyptian or Frankincense oils.

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, non-invasive therapy used to treat lymphedema. It ​enhances the natural drainage of lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues and back to the heart.
The 400-500 lymph nodes in the body filter and purify lymph - the colorless, white blood cell rich fluid bathing the body's tissues and ultimately draining into the bloodstream. Injury, surgery, infection, cancer and radiation can cause lymph to pool and stagnate. This, in turn, can cause swelling.

Get totally relaxed, from your head to your toes.

Make your time more enjoyable with hot stones, cupping, frankincense oil or Egyptian oil for achy joints.

A full hour of massage, and
then 15 more for your toes!

First, an hour massage then a quarter hour more for your feet are in store!

Your feet will get a treat with reflexology, applied on pressure points, using zones that relate to body areas. By focusing on tender areas, you get best results.

Make your time more enjoyable with hot stones, cupping, frankincense oil or Egyptian oil for achy joints

Soothing heat radiates into your back from smooth Mexican beach stones to help you relax. Enjoy 75 minutes of great massage, focused on you.
Make it better with frankincense or Egyptian Oils, cupping or reflexology.

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Pamper her with massage!
This 75 min. gives extra time for her feet and back
along with special positioning for extra comfort and support, and custom oils for prenatal needs. Pre and post natal massage help the body transform into a happy health mommy & baby!
Not offered till the 2nd trimester as massage in her first trimester increase the chance of risk for miscarriage associated with the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The lymph system’s function is to carry off wastes, toxins, bacteria, viruses, excess of water, etc. from the body’s connective tissue. This therapy (not a regular massage) stimulates the natural flow of lymph fluid to the bloodstream. Our trained therapist will test your system before and after, to see how well it functions, by lifting your legs. Light, hands-on, specifically designed gentle interaction with the skin, allow the flow to increase up to 8 times it's normal rate of 2 liters a day.
This is therapy work for contracted muscles, such as the shoulder and neck area, the low back, tight legs or calves and feet. This is not a regular massage, also called Strain Counter strain therapy, which releases muscular contractions in 90 seconds by re-positioning the muscle to release the contraction Physical therapists and osteopaths since the 1950's have used it and helped many people get out of pain, in a relatively comfortable fashion.

____80 minute The Best of Everything Massage

The Best of Everything...

A soothing scalp massage,
extra focus on feet with reflexology,
warm smooth stones for your back,
the heavenly scents of aromatherapy
Organic lotion and oil to pamper your skin.

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